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Welcome to PDM Extrusions - Your Trusted Global Partner in Quality Solutions

At PDM Extrusions, we take pride in our role as one of India's leading manufacturers, suppliers, and exporters of high-quality polycarbonate, acrylic, polypropylene, and FRP sheets. Since our inception in 2004, we've been providing innovative solutions for the construction, architectural, advertising, agricultural, glazing, and fabrication sectors worldwide.

Diverse Expertise, Unified Excellence

Our product range is comprehensive, including multiwall and solid polycarbonate sheets, corrugated sheets, embossed polycarbonate, polycarbonate U-lock panel sheets, FRP and polypropylene sheets, along with Acrylic Sheets. We source raw materials from industry giants such as Sabic, Covestro Makrolon, Lotte Chemical, and Wanhua, ensuring every PDM product reflects innovation and resilience.

Global Footprint, Local Trust

Our journey has expanded beyond India's borders, establishing PDM as a key player in over 20 international markets, including North America, South America, and the Middle East. Domestically, our strong network of over 1000 plus dealers reinforces our position as a trusted, ubiquitous brand.

Innovation: Our Lifeline

Innovation is at the core of PDM Extrusions. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, equipped with advanced co-extruding production lines, is the birthplace of breakthroughs in polycarbonate technology. The dedicated R&D team at PDM is the driving force behind our cutting-edge product range, ensuring that we stay ahead in a rapidly evolving industry.

Ethical Commitment: Our Guiding Principle

Guided by our ethos of “people-oriented, customer-first, sustainable business,” we are dedicated to fostering long-term relationships built on trust, quality, and exemplary service. Our commitment extends beyond manufacturing; we are invested in sustainable practices and innovative solutions that benefit both our clients and the environment.

The PDM Promise: Building a Future Together

Our tagline, "Be with PDM, Win the Future," encapsulates our promise to lead the way in the polycarbonate, acrylic, FRP sheets, raw material, and protection films sector. Choosing PDM means partnering with a company that is not just about selling products but about creating a legacy of excellence, durability, and sustainability. Join Our Visionary Journey – Together, let's build a clearer, brighter tomorrow.

Our Mission

PDM Extrusions is committed to delivering exceptional value and building enduring relationships. They focus on customer-centric excellence by understanding and meeting customer needs with honesty and integrity. Transparency, accountability, and global expansion are core principles, aiming to provide competitive products globally. Communication and quality are prioritized, with standardized solutions across markets. They foster a collaborative ecosystem with sustainable partnerships and rewarding relationships. Responsible solutions and continuous innovation underscore their commitment to environmental responsibility and high-performance solutions.

Our Vision

At PDM Extrusions, excellence permeates every aspect of our operations. We are committed to delivering uncompromising quality, pioneering innovation, and exceeding customer expectations. Our vision centers on sustainable practices, ensuring our growth aligns with environmental responsibility. Striving for perfection is not just a goal but a daily pursuit, believing that consistent excellence creates a lasting impact in the industry. Our pillars include a dedication to quality, innovative solutions, a customer-centric approach, and sustainability. Through these principles, we aim to redefine industry norms and contribute to a future where quality is paramount.

Enhance your building projects with Polycarbonate Multiwall Sheets

Certificates & Awards

PDM Extrusions: Recognized Excellence in Every Achievement
The journey of PDM Extrusions has been marked by a series of achievements, each recognized and celebrated in the form of certificates and awards. These accolades not only validate our commitment to excellence but also serve as a testament to the trust our customers place in us.

Awards for Excellence:
Our excellence goes beyond certifications, as we've been honored with various awards from reputed organizations. These awards stand as a recognition of our dedication to delivering outstanding services and products.

Why PDM? Choosing PDM Extrusions - A Decision Rooted in Excellence

When it comes to sourcing high-quality polycarbonate, acrylic, polypropylene, and FRP sheets, PDM Extrusions stands out as the premier choice:

Unmatched Expertise

Over a decade of unparalleled expertise in manufacturing, sourcing, and delivering top-notch products.

Innovative Solutions

PDM is a pioneer in innovation, with a state-of-the-art facility and dedicated R&D team.

Global Reach, Local Trust

Operating in 20+ international markets and supported by a domestic network of 1000+ dealers

Commitment to Sustainability

Ethical business practices, sustainability, and environmental responsibility define PDM Extrusions.

Customer-Centric Approach

A commitment to understanding and meeting customer needs, fostering lasting relationships.

Make the Smart Choice

Choose PDM Extrusions for a partnership that goes beyond products. It's about building a future of excellence and sustainability together.

Our Presence
PDM Extrusions - A Global Reach Tailored to Your Needs

At PDM Extrusions, our presence extends strategically across key locations, ensuring a ubiquitous reach that caters to diverse market needs. We position ourselves to be accessible where our customers need us the most:
  • Domestic Network
  • ☑ With an extensive network of over 1000 trusted dealers, PDM Extrusions has solidified a widespread domestic presence.
    ☑ Our products are readily available, guaranteeing timely and efficient service to our valued clients.

  • International Markets
  • ☑ Beyond borders, PDM Extrusions has a footprint in over 20 international markets.
    ☑ Our global presence allows us to understand and address the unique needs of diverse regions, establishing us as a reliable partner on a global scale.

  • Warehousing Excellence
  • ☑ Complementing our manufacturing prowess are multiple warehouses in Delhi, India, spanning over 4,000 sq. meters.
    ☑ These strategically located warehouses contribute to our efficient distribution network, ensuring on-time delivery.

  • Strategic Offices
  • ☑ PDM Extrusions has established strategic offices in Dubai and Russia, acting as pivotal hubs for our international operations.
    ☑ These offices enable us to provide localized support and customized solutions, strengthening our global partnerships.

  • Building Trust, One Location at a Time
  • ☑ Our presence is not just about locations; it's about building trust.
    ☑ PDM Extrusions is committed to being where our customers need us, ensuring that our products and services are accessible, reliable, and tailored to local requirements.

Our Global Offices

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873, 874, Gali No . 6, 40 Feet Road Jain Nagar, Sector 38, Rohini, Delhi-110081, India

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Khasra No.99/10/2 6-7,99/11/1 4-0, gaon kanonda, tehsil Bahadurgarh, Jhajjar, Haryana, 124103

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